Typical Setup


Typical Plating or Galvanizing Line Using
PRO • pHx Technology and Simple Filtration Systems
For Zero Discharge of Acid and Rinses.


The acid and hot water tanks will each have their own in-tank filtration. They will all be initially set up with 5 or10-micron cartridges.

The three ambient rinses will be sent to the rinse water holding tank where they will be automatically neutralized to the 7.5 - 8.5 pH range with sodium hydroxide. The neutralized rinse water will then pass thru a 10-20 micron filter, as it is recycled back to the rinse tanks.

If you are running a zinc plating line you can segregate your different color chromate rinses. Simply use filtration like in the hot water and acid tank examples with a 10-micron filter in trivalent rinses and a 5-micron filter in Hexavalent rinses.

ITF = In Tank Filtration
The filter input and output lines will reside within the tank as with a Flo-King filter system.

F = Standard Filtration
Use the type of filter best suited for your system. The intake line will reside within the pH adjustment tank and the output line will return to the rinse tanks. This filter may be internal or external to the pH adjustment tank.

PRO • pHx Additive and Maintenance

The PRO • pHx make up will be added at 1.0% of the volume of the acid and rinse tanks respectively. The acid tank will be titrated twice weekly and acid will be added as required to maintain the optimum concentration. Whenever acid is added, PRO • pHx must also be added at 1.0% of the acid addition volume. Take care not to drag large amounts of water into the acid solution, so as to dilute the acid and PRO • pHx mix, and not have room for further additions of each.

The PRO • pHx make up will be added at 1.0% of the volume of the ambient and hot water rinse tanks. Future additions will be done at 0.25% of tank volume when water clarity begins to decrease. These additions of PRO • pHx should be extremely rare, but sodium hydroxide should be used daily to keep the water in the 7-8 pH range at all times.

The simple set up on the cleaner tank will extend the standard expected bath life significantly. Many other possibilities to extend cleaner bath life are available depending on the bath life desired and the budgeted funds that are available.

The five (5) 600-gallon tanks and the one (1) 300-gallon tank will total 3,300 gallons. Thirty-three (33) gallons of PRO • pHx will be required for the initial 1.0% makeup. With normal production requirements, your PRO • pHx use should be approximately 0.75 gallons total per month in the ambient rinses and 0.10 gallons total per month in the hot water final rinse. The pickling acid should require approximately 0.33 gallons of PRO • pHx per month to maintain.

All of the PRO • pHx use approximations are for heavy rack production of 172 hours per month. The calculations are based on 2.5 years of actual shop use at Amplate, Inc. Contact: David French 704-607-0191




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