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Solutions For Industries Using Acid In Their Pickling Baths

Galvanizing, Electroplating, Anodizing, Circuit Board Printing



Disposal of contaminated metallic infected acid.

For years industry has been burdened with high disposal costs in order to comply with state and US EPA regulations.

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Wagner Environmental Technologies provides the answer for high acid cost and disposal cost for industry, introducing a chemical decarboxylation reagent technology, PRO-pHx Acid Life Extender. PRO-pHx Acid Life Extender is designed to precipitate the metals and organics out of solution (through encapsulation) which build up in the acid solution during the pickling process.

The phenomena of PRO-pHx Acid Life Extender chemistry is when it is introduced into an acid bath at a 1 % ratio, it will encapsulate most foreign matter, causing it to precipitate for removal by filtration..

The decarboxylation chemical, PRO-pHx, is a catalytically controlled chemical reagent concentrate product. When the decarboxylation product is placed into a liquid, it will mix in solution, causing metals which have dissolved into the liquid, to precipitate out of solution. The metal content is lowered while the concentration of solution remains the same; the pH is not raised. The useful life of the pickling acid solution is extended as long as the PRO-pHx treatment is maintained at a 1 % ratio to the total acid / water volume.

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